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Each Course Director shall attend the Course Director Conference within two years of serving as an NYLT Course Director. We are fortunate that the Southeast Regional CDC is frequently held at our own Bert Adams Scout Reservation. This saves you transportation costs to and from the event. See the Atlanta Area Council Calendar on the AAC Website. 

Staff Descriptions

YOUTH Positions:

Senior Course Leader
Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Program
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Service
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Guides
Troop Guide


ADULT Positions:

Senior Course Director
Assistant Senior Course Director
Assistant Scoutmaster
Assistant Quartermaster
Committee Chair
Recruitment Chair
Marketing Chair
Physical Services Chair
Ordering Specialist
Facilities Chair
Finance Chair


Staff Application Process

The NYLT sponsored by the Atlanta Area Council is a fun-filled week of challenges, learning, and “Scouting at its best!” In order to present the best course possible each year, the adult and youth staff members are carefully selected based on the contributions they can be expected to make to the next course. The information below will help you understand the kind of staff members we seek, the process for staff selection, and the six month commitment that each staff member must make to preparing and putting on the next course.

Minimum criteria for NYLT Youth Staff members:

  • *Currently active in a Scout unit in a leadership position
  • First Class rank or above for Boy Scouts & any registered Explorer, Venture, Varsity or Sea Scout Aged 14 by January
  • Successfully completed a previous NYLT week-long course.

Of course, not every Scout who meets these minimum criteria will be selected for the staff. The characteristics of staff members are one of the key factors in the success of our NYLT course each year


To create a “SCOUTING AT ITS BEST” atmosphere we need staff who:

  • Are enthusiastic and brimming with Scout Spirit
  • Are friendly and cooperative
  • Respect other Scouts and leaders
  • Are responsible in completing assignments to the best of their ability
  • Are masters of the Scoutcraft Skills needed to live in a camp environment
  • Understand and put into practice the Leadership Skills taught at NYLT
  • Willing and able to make the commitment for all the staff developments


Scout Criteria for Staff Selection:

To carry out a successful NYLT course a number of Scouters are required to provide the guidance and mentoring to some outstanding youth throughout the development phases and during the week long experience. The desire is to obtain Scouters who have been or are Scoutmasters/Unit Leaders with a local unit or who can work comfortably with a quality youth staff. Additionally, it is desirable for Scouters to have completed or are in the process of completing a Woodbadge course. This opportunity clearly demonstrates the patrol method and "Scouting At Its Best."



If you have applied to be part of our awesome staff next year, you will receive an email detailing your appointed interview times. Please

watch for the email in the coming weeks.


All applicants must be present with the following:

  1. Full Field Uniforms
  2. Provide a 3-5 minute presentation to the interview team.
  3. Be able to discuss aspects of Leadership in their lives.
  4. Demonstrate a high degree of spirit through Song or Cheer
  5. Interview with a select team of your peer scouts.

Anyone unable to attend this interview date should contact the Registrar (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Makeup Interviews will be allotted only by appointment.

Start practicing now on those presentations, remember what you learned during NYLT, we look forward to seeing how much you have

been able to grow using your skills.


Further Information

Call the AAC program center: Telephone: (770) 989-8820  
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For Staff Photos go to the Staff Facebook page

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