Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overview of the course? The course begins with the teams finding a team vision and ends with the individual scouts refining a personal vision of how to take the skills back to their home unit and communicate what they have learned. The course models a month in the life of a model unit – three meetings (one each day for the first three days) all leading up to a big outdoor experience (an overnight outpost camp). The course uses the patrol method and presents model Team Leader Council and Unit meetings. Teams are challenged early in the week to prepare a presentation on the meaning of leadership. This exercise enables the participants to internalize the leadership skills and concepts presented during the course. Throughout the week, the staff will be modeling the concepts and skills that are the core content of the course. Each skill is integrated into an overall approach to leadership, so that the participants not only learn a ‘Toolbox of Skills,’ but also how and when and why to apply each of them for successful leadership.

Special note: NYLT is not a week of summer camp, it is not free time, it is not an opportunity to earn merit badges and it is definitely not a vacation.

Who runs Atlanta Area Council NYLT?    National Youth Leadership Training is a scout run program with adult leadership. The NYLT trained youth staff consists of a Youth Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, and Team Guides. Many senior youth staff have participated in advanced youth leadership courses (NAYLE) at Philmont Training Center.  The Wood Badge trained adult staff consists of a Scout Master and Assistant Scout Masters for Program and Service. The staff models the core learning and leadership messages of the NYLT syllabus.

Is there a pre-course parent meeting? No 

Is there a post-course ticket? While there is no formal ticket, each participant is asked to share and refine their personal and group vision and goals they develop on the course with their home Unit-Leader

What is the code of conduct? Our Code of Conduct is the Scout Oath and Scout Law. 

What is the course uniform? AAC NYLT will use the Official BSA Field Uniform of your registered program.  The Activity Uniform consists of your Official BSA pants or shorts and an NYLT tee shirt (2 are provided at check in and washing stations are available during the week).  No alternatives or local variations of this uniform will be permitted.

Who may attend? This program is for Senior Unit Youth Leaders, Assistant Senior Youth Leadership, and other key youth leaders who are likely candidates for these positions. The Unit Leader Handbook suggests that, "As Unit Leader, you should decide which youth leaders will benefit most from this experience." History shows that those Scouts without a personal desire to participate usually fail to gain much from the course.

What is the cost of the course? The cost for the AAC NYLT is $245. This includes food, team camping equipment, training materials, T-shirts, patch, and a cap. Many units sponsor youth who wish to attend NYLT by paying for part or all of course fee. 

Are camperships available?  A limited number of need based Camperships are also available through the council office (all requests for camperships are held in strict confidence). Contact your District Executive for further details. Application for Campership can be found on this page and are due by April 1st or 60 days before the beginning of the session or course.


What is the Application Checklist? The APPLICATION CHECKLIST serves as a road map for completion of the application process.  Once you have registered on line, the checklist will guide you through payment methods, submission of the medical forms, and a parent/participant contract for completion of the course.

What do I pack?  First... NO trunks or camp chests!  Everything you need will fit in a backpack and a daypack.  There are no electronics allowed in camp, so leave your cell-phones, smart-phones, game units, mp3 players, headphones, wires, chargers, etc. at home.  The only electronic gadget you need is a flashlight or headlamp (or both).  No snacks should be brought either... we have enough food and snacks for everyone.  Everything is listed on one of our Gear Lists... the Spring/Summer GEAR LIST or the  Fall/Winter GEAR LIST (click on the one that applies to you).


Can My Son share tent with his friend or be in the same patrol as his friend or troopmate?  NO !  We intentionally will separate friends into different troops and patrols, your scout should know nobody in there patrol. This is a very important detail. We strongly discourage large troops from also sending to many scouts from the same troop. This is an intensive team building experience every scout must go through the four stages of a team, if they know a patrol member ahead of time they will tend to disassociate themselves with the rest of the patrol they do not know. By the end of the week many of these brand new patrols stay friends far longer then just this course. This is how new patrols and new teams form in life. For this reason, no scout will be allowed to be in the same patrol with anyone from their home troop or friend.


Medication Policy

Policy Statement - AAC NYLT will adopt the policy of youth self-medicating prescription and over the counter (OTC) medication with parental/guardian (parent) permission. In the event that the parent does not give permission, AAC NYLT adult leadership will maintain appropriate control of and will appropriately distribute the medication (prescription and OTC)

NYLT Procedure - When a youth arrives to participate in an AAC NYLT course, the AAC NYLT adult leadership will review the youth's BSA Medical Form with the youth and the parent. At this time, the AAC NYLT adult leadership will document all precription and OTC medications that the youth has on the BSA medical form and obtain the parent's signature, indicating agreement with accuracy of the medication list. Furthermore, if the parent gives permission for the youth to self-medicate, the parent will also sign appropriately on the BSA medical form. The adult leadership and the parent willl confirm that the medication is in the original containers and that there is only enough medication for the duration of the AAC NYLT course. If the parent does not give permission from the youth to self-medicate, the AAC NYLT adult leadership will take possession of the medication (Prescription and OTC) document the dosage schedule and any other special dosing instructions, place the medication in secure storage, and make appropriate arrangements with the youth for dispensing the medication per the dosing schedule. Medication will be administered each morning and documented on the schedule by the AAC NYLT adult. Medication will be delivered in a manner that is consistent with National policies such as Youth Protection and Guide to Safe Scouting.


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