National Youth Leadership Training is a great opportunity to grown your leadership skills and learn to be a more effective leader in your home unit (and elsewhere!).



Here are several questions you should ask yourself

  • Do you want a plan for your patrol, unit or your life
  • Would you like to learn things you can use in your unit
    • Songs
    • Games
  • Would you like to be more comfortable speaking in front of a group
  • Would you like to have a way to settle disputes between scouts

If you answered YES to ANY of the above then NYLT is for you.  At NYLT you are taught life lessons in a fun and safe environment.  You will be able to use these lessons throughout your life to help you in determining your path in scouts, school and life.

NYLT is so much more than learning, it is learning while having fun doing it.  You will meet some of the best scouts in Atlanta.  You may like it so much you may want to interview for a staff position after graduation.  We are always looking for good leaders.  But, the main focus it to give you the tools that you will need to take back to your unit that will enable you to lead with confidence.

Please join us and have the best time of your life learning things you will use throughout your life.