Your son or daughter is showing signs of wanting to take a more active role in everything they are involved with. They need some training on qualities that make good leaders and team players. NYLT offers your child a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to help him succeed in the troop but more importantly in life.

Parents we are always searching for the best places that our children can experience learning opportunities that will help our children grow into model citizens. You have already invested him in the scouting program because you see elements that you would like your child to learn.

NYLT is simply scouting at its best. We believe that the most important task of scouting is to teach the youth to be the leaders of themselves and over others. We believe that every boy deserves a well trained youth leader.

NYLT is a demanding six day course conducted at various times of the year. The course is mentored by hand selected scoutmasters from the Atlanta Area Council who have shown a commitment to helping teach youth leadership. Their job is to provide mentoring to the youth Senior Patrol Leader, in areas such as team development, communication strategies, conflict resolution options, planning and development. The course leader is then going to be responsible for building his team of youth who will ultimately deliver the NYLT program. This is no easy task and one that the development team spends months practicing so that your sons and daughters will take home with them the true meaning of servant leadership.

The content is delivered in a troop/crew patrol setting with a strong emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun environment. The interconnecting concepts and team development happen to each of these groups and daily instruction helps bring about self-awareness of what any new team or troop will experience. They are then given tools and methods to help guide these teams to become more effective and goal oriented over time.

If you have a son or daughter who is starting to show signs of leadership potential this program will only open up that opportunity in a more focused manner.

The principles we teach is based on the core values of scouting, with a strong focus and the BE, KNOW, and DO.

BE – this is all about your character as a leader and is foundational to your ability to lead.  It gives you the courage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances or the consequences.  As part of BE, you should be aware of your personal core values as well as your organization’s values. 

KNOW – This is about the knowledge and skill sets you need to be competent as a leader and team member.

DO – Leaders act. They bring together everything they are, everything they believe, and everything they know how to do to provide purpose, direction, and motivation. 


Using this mantra your sons and daughters will be taught about:

  • Creating and finding a Vision
  • Setting Goals
  • Preparing your Plans
  • Communicating Well
  • Solving Problems
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • How to Teach Others
  • Developing Your Team
  • Leading Yourself
  • Valuing People
  • Resolving Conflict
  • What a Model Scout Troop Looks Like


After having read all that you should be excited but worried that your child may not like the program. Don’t worry our youth trainers create a fun learning environment while teaching all these values. Many scouts who have been through this program return year after year as staff because of the fun they had.

So is your scout ready to attend NYLT?

The following requirements must be met for a scout to attend this course:

  • ·         Be at least 13 years of age
  • ·         Attained the rank of First Class
  • ·         Have attended a week long camp
  • ·         Comfortable in the outdoors with good scouting skills.
  • ·         Currently filling a leadership position or showing future leadership potential
  • ·         Have the scoutmaster’s recommendation
  • ·         Most Importantly they should be interested in attending this program


We promise you once your scout returns home you will hear stories that will leave you smiling.

We have left out a great deal of material that this course covers and the amazing stories are too many to even think about listing them all. For a more comprehensive understanding of the program, you are just going to have to come out and see the development and program directly.


We look forward to teaching your most prized treasures the true meaning of Leadership.